(best 15) ❗️ PIXCOMPARE 5.1.1 where download to 10.14.3

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7475 KB Photography PixCompare Graphics and Design Lakehorn AG


PixCompare will compare picture files to search for duplicates or similar pictures in a large collection of picture files. It works on JPEG, PNG, GIF, and RAW files. (Most Raw formats supported note that loading raw files will take much longer than the other formats.)
You can search for similar pictures in a folder, or compare one picture to a folder of pictures. You can compare a maximum of 30.000 pictures. (100.000 pictures for one-to-folder seach). PixCompare works best on photographic pictures.
PixCompare also identifies two pictures when:
- one of them is grayscale;
- they don't have the same size / aspect ratio;
- they have a different intensity;
- they have a different pixel-depth;
- one of them is blurred or rotated.

Updated on El Captan 29I.VERS.6.1.1.PIXCOMPARE.APP (7101 KB)

on 10.12.5 PFKAJE.PixCompare.v.5.0.pkg (6279 KB)

to 10.13.6 (7475 KB)

MacOS 6IaDl.v.5.1.2.PixCompare.pkg (6428 KB)

Best! version v.5.2.1-PixCompare-0uYCqm.dmg (7400 KB)

Best for iMac Pro VER..5.1.4.PIXCOMPARE.0O5QR.APP (7250 KB)

Lakehorn AG
Official site:

Recomended iMac Pro 6.7.2.WaveMaker.Kua.tar.gz [74318 KB] 6.10.0

Version for iMac Pro Q30EG-FUTURAMA-VOL.-7-ICONS-1.1.TAR.GZ [2429 KB] 1.3

New El Captan [322 KB] 3.8.1

for iMac [128 KB] 1.3

Recomended to MacBook Air IUSUY_AUTOMATIC_APP_TRANSLATOR_V.1.3.4.ZIP [3654 KB] 1.6.2

Featured OS X [966 KB] 2.5

(8521 kb) NW0b 5.1 PixCompare 5.1.4 Featured High Sierra

(7774 kb) Update CNHVMH V.5.0 PIXCOMPARE 5.4.1 New! version

(7475 kb) Free 98h9c v 7.1.1 PixCompare 5.0 Recomended 10.13

(8671 kb) vers.5.1 PixCompare 7mr9I 7.1.1 10.11.5

(8372 kb) Free PixCompare vers 5.2.1 MHveK 5.4.1 Recomended Mac Pro

(7624 kb) Download PIXCOMPARE VERS.5.2.1 1ZBHV 5.1 MacBook Pro

(7400 kb) Get NCchX9 PixCompare vers 5.2.1 6.1.1 New for 10.13.5
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